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Submitted by admin2 on Mon, 02/07/2012 - 6:04pm
02 JULY 2012: NGĀTI KAHU RESPOND TO THE CROWN AND OTHERS: Last month, the Crown and its allies lodged submissions opposing Ngāti Kahu’s urgency applications against their deeds of settlement; in so far as they prejudice the interests of Ng...āti Kahu. Today Ngāti Kahu filed final responses to those submissions. Once again, we provide you with links below to a very large amount of information for you to access, read and share as you see fit.

If you have any questions, just ask. Ngā mihi,

1. Ngāti Kahu counsel’s covering memo –āti-Kahu-Counsel-re-Urgency-Application-against-Crowns-deeds-of-settlement-with-Te-Aupōuri-Te--Rarawa-and-Ngāitakoto
2. Ngāti Kahu’s responses in summary –āti-Kahu-on-Urgency-Application
3. Bernie Butler’s brief of evidence re Te Paatu/Patu Kōraha at Hollywood/Tangonge –āti-Kahu-Urgency-Application
4. Annexures to Bernie Butler’s brief –
5. Hully Clark’s brief of evidence re Te Paatu/Ngāti Kahu at Hukatere, Te Make, Kaitāia and others –āti-Kahu-Urgency-Application
6. Annexures to Hully’s brief –
7. Lloyd Popata’s brief of evidence re Ngāti Kahu/Te Paatu –
8. Index of annexures to Lloyd’s brief –
9. Annexure 2 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
10. Annexure A to Lloyd’s brief – Charlie Petera re Te Paatu, Ngāti Kuri, Te Rarawa and others –
11. Annexure B to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
12. Annexure B Part 2 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
13. Annexure B Part 3 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
14. Annexure B Part 4 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
15. Annexure B Part 5 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
16. Annexure B Part 6 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
17. Annexure B Part 7 to Lloyd’s brief (maps) –
18. Yvonne Puriri’s brief of evidence re Patu Kōraha/Ngāti Kahu at Waihangehange, Te Rangiāniwaniwa and others –āt-Kahu-Urgency-Application
19. Annexure 1 to Yvonne’s brief (map) –
20. Annexure 2 to Yvonne’s brief (letter from Air Force) –
21. Annexure 3 to Yvonne’s brief (letters re compensation –
22. Annexure 4 to Yvonne’s brief (letters re license to occupy) –
23. Margaret Mutu’s brief of evidence –āti-Kahu-Urgency-Application
24. Index of annexures to Margaret’s brief –
25. Annexure A to Margaret’s brief (publications) –
26. Annexure B to Margaret’s brief (positions) –
27. Annexure C to Margaret’s brief (map) –
28. Annexure D to Margaret’s brief (NZ gazette 1946) –
29. Annexure E to Margaret’s brief (Ceding Mana) –
30. Annexure F to Margaret’s brief (Chris Finlayson letter) –
31. Annexure G to Margaret’s brief (Chris Finlayson letter) –
32. Annexure H to Margaret’s brief (Lisa McNabb letter) –
33. Annexure I to Margaret’s brief (Te Hiku Forum Terms of Reference) –
34. Annexure J to Margaret’s brief (email to Te Hiku Forum) –
35. Annexure K to Margaret’s brief (Te Hiku Forum Mana Whenua Process) –
36. Annexure L to Margaret’s brief (Ngāti Kahu letter to Iwi Chairs) –
37. Annexure M to Margaret’s brief (Ngāti Kahu letter to Chris Finlayson) –
38. Annexure N to Margaret’s brief (Chris Finlayson letter to Ngāti Kuri) –
39. Annexure O to Margaret’s brief (Chris Finlayson letter to Ngāti Kahu) –