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Submitted by admin2 on Fri, 13/03/2015 - 2:19pm

Tena koutou,

We got notification this morning that Turners and Growers are spraying fyfanon at Taipa farm today and possibly the weekend.

FYI, fyfanon is relatively non-toxic to humans, but the fact that T&G have sent out a notification indicates a need to be cautious.

We have registered our disappointment at the short notice with T&G and will be following it up with them. We've also noted this weekend's weather forecast and asked what their mitigation strategy is, They have replied that, weather permitting, their mitigation is to complete this round of spraying within two days instead of four as they used to do.

So the urgent thing today is to ensure Taipa residents in particular know about the spraying. So we've let all our marae delegates and email groups know, and have posted a panui on our facebook page. We've also checked with Taipa school who say that they got the notice today as well, but it's too late to send a note home to the whanau.

And now we're posting this notice here. Tohaina atu ra tenei panui koa - no panic, but please spread the word.

Anahera Herbert-Graves
Chief Executive
Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu

09 4083013