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Closing submissions on Ngāti Kahu's application for binding recommendations were heard at the Environment Court in Auckland from Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th September. It is not possible to give a full report at this stage on the hearing. However the summary below covers proceedings and some of the key issues that arose.

TUESDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER 2012: Ngāti Kahu lead off on the Tuesday morning and the opposing submissions started after lunch. The Crown went first, followed by two Ngāti Kahu claimants groups from within the Ngāti Kahu hapū of Ngāti Tara and Te Paatu.

07/09/2012: NGĀTI KAHU HEARING - DAY 5

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The final day of the Ngāti Kahu hearing opened with conditionally opposing evidence from Te Rarawa lead by Haami Piripi and Paul White, followed by that of Te Aupōuri lead by Waitai Petera and Hugh Karena, and a presentation from Ngāitakoto lead by Rangitane Marsden.

After hakari lunch the hearing closed with conditionally supportive evidence from Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa claimants lead by Nuki Aldridge, Owen Kingi and Ani Taniwha, and claimants from Te Uri o Te Aho hapū of Ngāpuhi lead by Pairama Tahere.