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Submitted by admin2 on Tue, 19/11/2019 - 12:57pm

From time to time it's necessary to remind ourselves and the rising generations of our tikanga and to strengthen the expression of our mana motuhake.

To that end, today we are republishing the kaimoana regulations that our hapū set with the Crown in 1995. They can be read online here…/dos-kaimoana-maori-traditional-a… or in the link below.

These are the only regulations that Ngati Kahu recognise. The 1998 ones are what the government uses in its ongoing attempts to override our mana motuhake by making the Minister or the CEO of the Ministry the ultimate decision-maker. PFFFFT!

That is why, every February, since 1995, Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu reissue Te Hakaputanga o Nga Hapu o Ngati Kahu which reaffirms that the hapū is the ultimate decision-maker in their rohe and the government Ministers' only role is to ensure their agencies support the hapū and enforce their decisions. The fact that the Crown suffers from amnesia about what it agreed to in the past does not affect either our memory or our practice.