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Submitted by admin2 on Tue, 17/03/2020 - 2:04pm

CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC - IWI RESPONSE - POST 1: If you have not already done so, Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu urge our whanau, hapu and marae to plan and put in place tikanga to address:
1. RISK IDENTIFICATION: eg. hui and hosting manuhiri, hongi and handshaking, kai prep and serving, etc.
2. RISK REDUCTION: eg. holding online hui where possible and postponing or cancelling all but the most essential gatherings, being extra vigilant around hygiene, etc.
3. SICK WHANAU: eg. getting them tested and treated while limiting their contact with others, etc.
4. SELF-ISOLATION: eg. doing online shopping (or organising proxy shoppers), setting delivery/pickup protocols, contacting schools and employers, etc.
5. KAITIAKITANGA: eg. checking on and where needed providing for our most vulnerable - the chronically ill, kaumatua and kuia, etc.
6. STORES AND SUPPLIES: eg. storing water, stocking up on food and medicines (enough for 14 days), stocking up on hygiene and cleaning supplies, etc.

This week, sit with your whanau or roopu and make a plan because, while we must always hope for the best, we must also plan for the worst.

Ma te Atua e manaaki e tiaki kia tatou katoa i nga wa katoa. Arohanui. Na,

Anahera Herbert-Graves

CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC - WHANAU RESPONSE - POST 2: Our whanau plan is currently in stage one and involves:
1. No longer hugging, giving hongi or shaking hands with anyone outside of our home
2. No longer attending hui or public gatherings of any kind
3. Only making essential trips to work, shop or hospital
4. Carrying and using hand sanitiser after any contact with outside people / things

Stage 2 will kick in when the first case of COVID north of mangamuka is diagnosed, and involves:
1. Ordering our groceries online from PNS and only Doug going to pick them up from the lockbox
2. Wearing masks and gloves if we must go out in public
3. Thoroughly washing all purchased veges and fruit and wiping all packaged/canned goods with a bleach solution
4. Closing the office and working from home
5. Discouraging visitors or at least limiting visits to those who are taking similar precautions to ourselves
6. Completely isolating if it gets really bad - our diet will be a bit boring but adequate.