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Submitted by admin2 on Mon, 22/03/2021 - 5:47pm

The Northland Age has refused to publish my column on racism in the media. Four hours after I submitted it, Acting Editor Rachel Ward emailed as follows: "Hi Anahera, Unfortunately, after The Age published the Bassett column and the reply letter, the ongoing feedback from both sides has meant we have decided not to run any further correspondence on the matter. I would have alerted you sooner but wasn't sure if you would be writing about it again this week. Happy to discuss further if you wish. Peter is back on deck next week."

This is nonsense. There have only been two letters published in the Age responding to the Bassett column (both condemning it and both published before the NZME withdrawal of it and ban on its author). If there has been any other "ongoing feedback", then it's completely invisible and should not affect the publishing of my column. If NZME's policy is to sweep the racism under the carpet, it's not working. In fact, this effective ban on my column this week simply adds to the record of racism in the media.

My banned column can be read here: