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About Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu


In 1990 a hui-a-Iwi was called to set up a body to be the Iwi authority for Ngati Kahu. This body was to be a runanga and care had to be taken to ensure that it was set up according to traditional Runanga criteria and not government legislative requirements. McCully Matiu played a pivotal role in the setting up of Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu.


The Runanga would take responsibility for all government related matters such as the claims against the Crown (involving both fisheries and land), social welfare programmes, training and employment programmes, conservation and resource management matters, health programmes, housing programmes, economic development programmes and so on. The hui-a-Iwi passed a resolution to set up Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu with representation from every marae and hapu throughout Ngati Kahu. While it's original constitution was drawn up using criteria laid down according to Ngati Kahu tikanga, the runanga was eventually registered under the Charitable Trust Act.

More up to date information about the Runanga is available in the Private area.